Monday, January 25, 2010

Menu Plan Monday!

I need to start doing this. We recently got a chest freezer and filled it in anticipation of having a baby at the beginning of the year. Well the kid is here, he is 3 weeks old, and I am getting burned out on the freezer meals (too little variety due to miscalculations on how far the food would go).

SO here is the plan...subject to change since it appears we have caught a cold bug and dealing with a newborn and a snotty cranky toddler mean sometimes things change.

Monday: Burgers & fries
We have 3 hamburger patties and half a pound of fries in the freezer. We will eat the burgers on bread. DH and DD will probably have cheese on theirs, mine will be sans cheese but with ketchup. Not high on the veggie list, but again, dealing with sick people so my hopes aren't high.

Tuesday / cub scout night: Frozen sausage pizza, green beans, 1 can mixed fruit or pineapple from pantry
Its gotta be easy on Tuesdays.

Wednesday: Casserole from freezer, corn in butter sauce
I am going to inventory the freezer once DH gets home and I am not covered in children. I think we will eat a hamburger whole wheat pasta dish that DH says tastes like lasagna with less cheese (though I think that is an unfair assessment, its hamburger, diced tomatoes, some cheese and whole wheat pasta).

Thursday / relief society meeting: Mac&cheese and hotdogs (?), peas
I saw a pack of hot dogs in the freezer, and unless DH refuses to eat them now that he is trying to lose weight, I will thaw them and we will eat them Thursday night.

Friday: pizza night!
We have lots of crust mix, spaghetti sauce and cheese. SO I will just have to pull out some precooked hamburger to make hamburger pizza

Ham&potato pockets - microwaveable ease
Boiled eggs - I just need to boil some to have on hand
Cereal - we only have nasty sugar cereal left
Toast & peanut butter
Sausage tvp gravy and whole wheat biscuits (saturday breakfast)

Whatever is in the fridge

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