Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Hmmm...less than steller updating here

Yes, its been the holidays. And I am 39 weeks pregnant. Can you imagine hosting Christmas during a blizzard while 38 weeks pregnant? I did it, and thankfully didn't go into labor.

We haven't been following a specific menu lately, but I have done a crazy cooking day with the assistance of my sisters back when I was only 37 weeks pregnant. I know, I was pushing it. Next time I will make sure to do it earlier, then I will only need a mini session to boost the freezer before having a baby.

I pretty much used the plan from http://onceamonthmom.com except not the entire menu. You see, I didn't send any food home with anyone because both of my sisters were/are moving during December. I have tried several of the things and am glad we made some of the changes we did. I also wish we would have made other changes, but I had never made the recipes before so its not a surprise that it was a little hard going.

Anyway, we expect the baby to come in the next week. And we have enough meals for about 2 months in our family, so we have started eating from the freezer. Not all the food we used was bought at Aldi, in fact the majority was bought elsewhere or we already had on hand. We spent about $200 (plus food we already had) to make 36 casserole dishes, 8 loaves of quick breads (chocolate chip cream cheese and banana breads), and 24 hot pockets. After we ran out of freezer room (we have a 20lb turkey and we had a ham in there at the time) we bagged and froze the rest of the cooked meat, and nixed a couple more dishes. The biggest thing was that many of the meals made much more than we expected.

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